Face to Facebook Vol 2:Finale

Back when I first started the blog, before I was doing on air interviews, I would use Facebook messenger to interview folks in the Class and artists that were cool enough to accomodate me. The first one was with my girl Ericka Lindsey. It was mad fun and shortly after that one, I did this interview with my man Finale from Detroit. It’s about a year old and it has been lost, found, lost and found again and I figured now was a good time to break it out.  I will be doing this again soon with another member of the Class. Maybe even you.. Anyway I hope you dig it!      


What up Finale?


chilling..finishing up these joints for The Are & Nametag…i’m playing catch up on feature verses but im good lol


I been dealing with Nametag but The Are’s name is just starting to ring out with me, what else has he produced?


he’s a producer from houston, tx

used to be in a group called K-otix

did that Lil Kim single and a bunch of other dope underground records

was signed to Track Masters (tone & poke)

good dude

he reached out asking for a feature joint to be on his upcoming compilation album


well he couldn’t have come to a better person!!!!


lol word thanx man


speaking of names ringing out your name is getting crazy buzz. My class loves your album because I’ve played almost everything from it


wow…thanx man that’s crazy haha

tell your students i said thank you


will do! You just did actually they’ll see it in the blog lol. I got open off of Heat it was one of my top songs last year.

The World loves Dilla but I’m sure it’s nothing like the love he gets at home


Dilla’s roots are deep in this city, his legacy is timeless. He was a real person without a hidden agenda. what you saw was what you got with Dilla. Plus between ma dukes, Big Tone and Kendra running the J Dilla Foundation now, I know he will be represented properly

“Dilla’s roots are deep in this city, his legacy is timeless”


gotta give a shout out to Ma Dukes!

By the way his legacy was done still saddens me to this day but if anybody can get it right Ma Dukes can!


yep she’s been at the last two shows I’ve rocked

and she is a genuine person it’s always dope to pay respect to her and the musical revolution she ultimately created.

At the show I look up, and shes in front of the stage looking at my ultrasound pictures with my girl lol…priceless haha


you expecting?


yup its a boy due may 30th…this will be a crazy year lol

i took a couple steps back and added on a few more responsibilities for my kid but its worth it lol

two albums

im working again lol


and taking care of home


is he holding a microphone in the ultrasound lol?


it looked like it at first

at least i think so lol


that might be something else! Ha


let’s just say it’s a microphone lol


microphone it is! Ha! 

The call and response on Heat bought me to tears to you remember what city that was???


traverse city, mi

good folks out there man…they really really support


sounded like you were in the Silverdome! lol


it was a festival in traverse city i was co headlining with Brother Ali

there was about 700 people there

dope night


sounded like 700,000!

 well you said that you had two albums coming out. we’ll talk about that later let’s get into your past work a little. I played Brother’s Keeper last week and I want to know where the inpiration for that track came from.


my brother got locked up a while back

he did his time and i got blamed for him getting locked up

i felt guilty about it so we never wrote or spoke to each other while he was locked up

that song is my unwritten letter

i wrote it on the plane flying back from virginia

when i first met Nottz

I played the song for my brother when he was released


how did he feel about it?


he finally understood why

i stayed in the background

i was always traveling/doing school or working

and my family blamed me for not being there enough


well the song is phenomenal. The sample that opens it up grabs you right away. do you know what was sampled?


millie jackson

forgot the name of the song

but its crazy

like literally

she gets crazy on that shit


I was a huge Millie Jackson fan! I’m going to find it if it’s the last thing I do!


i couldve flipped that sample a few different ways

but my brother was the only thing that stood out and it was a chance to let the listeners in


you did that! I played it and sent it out to the cats that listen to my show that are locked down

can I ask you what some of your all time favorites are?


chosen one by oc

stray bullet by organized konfusion

93 til infinity by souls of mischief

listen up by e rule


whoa whoa you hitting me too fast fam!


my bad lol


it’s cool, your favorite album and why?


jewelz by oc

its the most complete album start to finish that i’ve heard so far come out of hiphop

thats what i wanna get to


pipe dream is there fam don’t be modest. btw LOVE the title!


thanx man appreciate that

i still got a few levels to go before i can even see jewelz status in the distance

but i’ll keep trying



you are closer than you think you named a few songs before but what’s your favorite hip hop track ever and what do you love about it?


stray bullet by organized konfusion

pharoah’s verse is perfect…the description, flow and word usage still keeps me entertained to this day

i wanna know what he was thinking when he wrote that cause he blacked out

listen up by e rule is a close second

underrated emcee


your mention of OK and O.C. got me to thinkin about Fudge Pudge. We don’t hear enough Pharoe these days. Stray Bullet was an excellent call

favorite video?


hmm thats a tough one…

T.R.O.Y. is always a classic to me i liked the vintage look


yeah the way they slid the old family pics in there was a great touch

can I assume Dilla’s your fave producer?


yup but i don’t judge producers like that…dilla is the most consistent

im real critical of producers

thats why i work with so many

i like different sounds


I got that from your album, all of the tracks are different but it’s still a very cohesive work.

I know being from Motown you like the old soul


yup stevie and donnie


LOVE them both, Have you heard someday by DJ K.O feat talib Kweli, torae, John Robinson and Tiffany Paige


yup dope song

J.R. is the homey


LOVE JR’s voice. It’s so different!

They flipped Someday we’ll all be free quite nice

I don’t have to ask you why you said Stevie and Donnie but for the sake of those that don’t know school em


stevie wonder is a genius with an endless catalog of classics and donnie hathaway is probably the most sincere artist ive heard period…you can hear every emotion through his lyrics and its almost as if everything stops and youre forced to listen to a donnie song because you cant help but relate

“stevie wonder is a genius with an endless catalog of classics and donnie hathaway is probably the most sincere artist ive heard period”


damn. well put on Donnie. damn.

you got a nigga all emo over here!



thats just some authentic music right there

plus i like the way singers write/perform

over rappers anyway


I agree, there are songs…that are complete masterpieces. Great hip hop lyrics is really a series of punchlines. I feel you can construct a song as an mc i.e. I used to love her but songwriters write songs

it’s like the difference between a magazine and a book

aight I am a native Chicagoan and it pains me to say this but I gotta admit Detroit is killin it right now and has been for a minute.  WTF are ya’ll doing up there?


lol our circle is smaller and more concentrated than others

honestly i think if our scene was as big as new york , la or atlanta where rappers flock to then we might not get as much attention as we do

but im proud of the artists out here

we work hard to push each other

“Detroit artists work hard to push each other”


You know that is so true. I just noticed that. You all run pretty tight, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, SV, Danny Brown, Invincible, Royce. You ALL are ALWAYS on tracks together! you know it is in my DNA to hate you all but it is fucking impossible

I gotta ask you something about the D that my listeners have wondered and I wonder myself… HOW DO YOU CATS COME UP WITH YOUR NAMES!?!???


lol someone gave me my name at a local emcee battle

i was in the crowd running cypher to cypher

one dude was following me

i guess he noticed that after i rapped in each cypher no one wanted to follow


so he tells me to come on stage when he goes up

then he announces over the mic at st. andrews

“this dude just killed about 6 cyphers…this is the finale..”

so it kinda stuck

The Legendary St. Andrews!


gotta ask and don’t front, what was it before that?


just derek lol

thats it

my boys used to clown me

for using my real name

but everybody’s doing it now i guess

my name aint cool like drake tho lol


Don’t feel bad…Derek rhymes with a FEW things (snicker)

aight I’m just playin fam




aight. besides that huge Major Release you droppin May 30th did you say TWO ALBUMS?!?!!?


yea the first one im wrapping up is a collab album w/ oddisee (diamond district)

then the followup to pipe dream and a promise later


Oh I am a huge Oddisee fan. Kinda got on to him through Little Brother

That should be crazy! I’m imagining that now!

Two albums is a tall order….and again the May 30 release…

I been saying you are the future of Detroit Hip Hop

is the future now?


im just at the point where im not waiting for anything anymore

i played my position for too long

so im making my run and if i end up winning im grateful if i fall short then at least i can say i really tried…my timeline/schedule as far as me/hiphop kinda got shifted around with the kid lol

but i like where im at now

the lyrics are getting better/stage show is getting better and im growing as an artist

“so im making my run and if i end up winning im grateful if i fall short then at least i can say i really tried”


I feel silly asking you this but Are you Hip Hop


sure…why not lol

i like to think of myself as an artist..i don’t like labels like underground/street/hood/backpack

i make music and take my time

whatever category it sits in makes no difference to me long as it comes out the way i hear it in my head …


well put. Well since I got you on here and my whole class is paying attention can we bug you later this week for a drop for the 3/13 show?


yup np bro


just want to get it on record lol


lol cool np i got u


Well on behalf of my my entire Class, Myself and The Old School, New School, Need To Learn Though Show, we thank you for keeping hip hop alive!

You are an amazing lyricist and you have various flows as exhibited by the many styles you put out on The Pipe Dreams and A Promise album.

It was truly a pleasure talking to you and anything you want to break let me know


thanx bro …peace

Huge Shout Out to Finale and cop his albums Bloodworks and Pipe Dreams and A Promise. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for reading.

Ya Man,

The Professor

~ by Professor Mike on June 26, 2011.

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