What Can I Do? by Professor Mike Jordan


   As most of you may know by now, my last podcast has been pulled by Universal Music Group. Needless to say, I’m pissed.  There are folks in the class that, for whatever reason, can’t catch the show when it airs. I don’t want anyone denied access to the quality hip hop we play on our show so I put up a podcast. I noticed some of my podcasts had been deleted before but I thought nothing of it. Yesterday, was the first time they took it down so quickly. It wasn’t even up 24 hours! Mediafire sent me an email telling me who did it and why. Universal Music Group which is the home of Def Jam. I can’t help but assume that the Ghostface song “Drama” was the reason for that. In case you’re wondering the irony of that is not lost on me.

   I’m frustrated because what I do is for the love of hip hop. I have done more FREE promotional work for them than they have done for some of their artists in years. I tell The Class when albums are dropping. I speak highly of their artists and I even did a two week Def Jam tribute on my show. As I said they should be paying me, at the very least we should get a thank you. So basically you have a huge street team that wants to buy and tell their friends to buy your good product because face it, it ain’t all good. So in lieu of appreciation this is what we get. What can I do?

     My initial thoughts on how to handle this were fueled by anger. I started to say fuck it, I’ll email it to the subscribers of my blog. My counsel said that wasn’t a good idea. I thought about how I was discovered. Maybe since I put up the playlist they found me because I refuse to believe they listened to my whole show. If they did listen or if they are reading this now, let me tell you, since you know I obviously have an ear for what good hip hop is, you NEED an A&R! You haven’t been great since Rick Rubin left, but I digress.  I thought of putting it up without the playlist to make it harder for them. I thought of putting it up on Saturday and taking it down on Sunday, because face it, those “suits” don’t work on weekends. Despite me being The Professor, I am an outlaw by nature. However, for the sake of the show, I can’t fight this battle in an outlaw fashion. What can I do?

   I thought of bringing the fight to them. Maybe organizing a boycott. I don’t play any of their product and we don’t buy any of their music. Them I thought about it. I won’t hurt Universal. I’ll be hurting the very artists I’m trying to help. Also, I’ll be depriving The Class quality Hip Hop from artists that we love like Ghost, Redman, Nas and The Roots. I’d also be letting them compromise the quality of the show which I will NEVER do. So I ask again, what can I do?

    Well this is what we’re going to do. We are going to keep pushing the show. We are going to put as many people as we can onto the show. We are going to promote our show, and get bigger and as our power grows our voice will grow and then they will have to listen to us. They’ll have to respect us and understand that sharing some music on the internet and shows like ours are their best promotional tools available. Maybe they’ll realize that the internet is not destroying the music business but their greed and refusal to acknowledge the consumer is the reason they’re not selling records like they used to. To combat their greed we’re going to get bigger and better. And louder. See I come from the P.E. era of Hip Hop. We are going to fight the power. Not in an outlaw fashion. We are going to make this so big they can’t ignore us. If you are with me that’s what we can do. That’s what I’m going to do. Now as Jerry Maguire asked “Who’s coming with me?”

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on January 18, 2011.

8 Responses to “What Can I Do? by Professor Mike Jordan”

  1. I have a feeling that they have wakened a sleeping monster! There is nothing in this world more dangerous than a man with an agenda and the means to fulfill it! You know the class is gonna ride with you Fess! Do your thing man.

  2. just a matter of time homie, what you’re doing is great for the state of hip-hop and you know the listeners and artists got your back.

    that’s all that matters, the suits can go kill themselves… they just mad that you can create more hype in your living room than they ever could in their conference rooms.

  3. I’m not just coming with you, I got my helmet on and I’m runnin’ thru them doors!!!


  5. not trying to be incognito….just goofed….we Gotcha man

  6. It’s amazing that people have not clue how to market their product. Artists sometimes have idiots marketing or representing them…and it kills the bottom line. We got your back sir and yes…….they should pay you for all you have done for them.

  7. Great post, Prof! And you know that I’m extra pissed because I live in a different time zone and relay on podcasts. So the first thing I’d suggest is simply not posting the playlist but only the file. And also to be careful with how you name it. And don’t take this whole thing too personal. They don’t deserve your attention. Just keep doing what you do cause that’s what matters the most.

  8. This post is EXCELLENT , Mike.

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