Putting The G in Genius:Love for Kool G Rap by Ramon Felix

For most people, when the word symphony is mentioned, the first thing to come to mind is an orchestra. For most, it’s the soothing melodies being carried through a concert hall on the sweet strings of a violin. The heavy demanding boom of the bass and drums sections. Or the simple rise and falls of the winded instruments. But for a few of us, those who have never seen nor heard of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven or Bach there is another Symphony that we relate to. This symphony takes place……. once upon a time in Brooklyn!

Though there were more than a couple of now legendary voices to grace us in these 2 collaborations, only one is consistently recognized as one of the top 5 greatest MCs of all time!

Kool G Rap. The G in his name initially standing for Genius (and who can argue with that?!?) but came to be accepted over the years as a direct reference to mobster, Sam Giancana. This tie in of sorts with such a classic icon of pure uninhibited ruthlessness was yet another sign that you were upon a whole new breed of rapper. No longer was the verse going to be just a little jab at an opposing M.C., but a full on, no holds barred aggressive cutthroat assault that has earned him street credibility that stands just as intact today as the day he first earned it.

 He is known as one of the first to make reference to the “Mafioso/Mobster” lifestyle in his lyrics. Thus  helping to define a form of merging or connection between the two cultures in his music. A connection that can be seen all around us today in many different crews and Rap monikers alike. From Jr. Mafia to Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc., the typecast of the mobster is alive and well in the norms of Hip Hop today.

With stop-you-in-your-tracks lines that kept on coming like, “Take a deep breath because you don’t have another left. I’m coming back like I’m avengin my brother’s death!” Kool G quickly became a pioneer at the forefront of the hardcore movement. This type of “gangster” lyricism had not been brought to the masses in this form before. One could dare say that the movement we know today as gangster rap was built on his shoulders.

 Many MCs have recognized Kool G as being one of or the top MC of all time. His sound has been copied and imitated by more than a few aspiring artists and some influential ones as well! Using his mental awareness, he was able to keep you hanging on to every word. Through his storytelling abilities, and use of multi syllable words, he was a big reason that the Rap Game had evolved. Having an uncanny ability to control his breath, his rhymes seemed to be relentless! No longer was it just party music and laughable rhymes over borrowed hooks and samples. It was a form of  street poetry that never held back and always delivered truth!

After coming to light in the public eye as a member of The Juice Crew, G. Rap ventured out on a solo career. Never finding true commercial success, he remained a voice of the underground. As an MC to be reckoned with, Kool G continues to create quality music that remains a voice for the streets while being true to himself. His sound has stayed dark, gritty, lyrical, intelligent, grimy and underground at its purest!

Kool G Rap has cemented his name in Hip Hop music history! His legacy will forever be remembered as one paved in the sounds of a generation finding its voice. And he will continue to be an icon of real Hip Hop music!

Ya Man,

Ramon Felix


~ by Professor Mike on January 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Putting The G in Genius:Love for Kool G Rap by Ramon Felix”

  1. Great job, Ramon! You have a wonderful ability to paint a vivid picture with your words.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’m honored to have been chosen to do this piece on such an amazing individual.

  2. Word! Kool G Rap is one of the illest!

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