The Class vs The Professor Podcast


This all started when I began taking requests for last Friday’s show.  Normally, when I choose records for the show, it’s with a theme in mind which I adhere to pretty closely.  While I only play the songs that I want to play, I’m still a bit restricted by the theme.  So once the requests started rolling in, I started thinking of songs to go up against the songs the class selected.  As I continued to think about those songs, I thought of this theme: I go song for song with the class.  Now to be fair, I wanted my song to be comparable. whether it was a similar theme, same artist, same producer, or if the beat reminded me of a another song, that’s what I went with. I also further handicapped myself by trying to play songs that I don’t play often.  This was how it turned out.  We went song for song, and the better song got the vote. It went down to the wire and I am not 100% sure who won.  Why don’t you listen and you can decide.  The podcast is located below after the playlist. During the course of the show I explain my picks and we keep a running count of the scoring. After you listen to the whole thing you may agree with me, a rematch may be in order!   

Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid by J Dilla feat. Danny Brown requested by Jams DaBoombox
Poppin  Pockets by Grip Grand feat. A.G. requested by Shaun Borowski
Daytona 500 by Ghostface Killah,The Force M.D.s, Raekwon, and Cappadonna requested by Colin Hodge
EMC (What’s It Stand For?) by eMC requested by RJ Baker
Talkin’ In My Sleep by Elzhi requested by DJ K Flip
Geek Down by J Dilla  ft. Busta Rhymes 
Temptation Island byTheology 
Nutmeg by Ghostface Killah
Onslaught by Slaughterhouse  
Marvelous by Baatin

Tiger Style by Redman requested by Caleb Bryant
Human Jock Box by Skinny Boys requested by Thomas Clinton Fowler
The Fire in Which You Burn by Company Flow requested by Nathan Esparza
Girls I Got ‘Em Locked by Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud requested by Rance
’97 Mentality by Cappadonna f. Ghostface Killah requested by Dmitri Humes
Rock The Bells (original) by LL Cool J 
Greatest Entertainer by Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
Left It To Us by Cage ft. El-p Aesop Rock Tame 1 Yak Ballz 
ugly people be quiet by Cash Money & Marvelous 
Wu Banga by Ghostface Killah GZA, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Masta Killa

Don’t You Even Go There by Demigodz feat Louis Logic, Apathy, Celph Titled requested by Brian Mann
The Worst by Onyx f. Wu-Tang Clan requested by Duchess
Brooklyn Hard Rock by  Thirstin Howl III requested by Theodore Pullins
Let Em Have it L by Big L requested by Vasil Stefanov
A Million And One Questions by Jay-Z requested by Mercyn Vales
Moment I Feared by Tame One 
Nothin’ Like It by Planet Asia, Krondon, Evidence & Phil Da Agony  
Lo’d Out by P-Lo 
Size ‘Em Up by Big L 
Questions and Answers by Boogie Down Productions

This show was alot of fun and to be fair, they had no idea that I would be putting songs up against theirs. However, I feel that the next time, they will have that in mind.  I’m sure we will do this again. Thank you all for the requests. Thanks for supporting the show. Thanks for keeping Hip Hop alive. Hit the title below to listen or download the show.

The Class Vs The Professor podcast

Ya Man,

The Profesor


~ by Professor Mike on November 23, 2010.

One Response to “The Class vs The Professor Podcast”

  1. Yes! Rematch Is Needed!!

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