The Old School, New School, Need To Learn Though Show Videos I


So, I’m at this cheese and wine event. (Kroger Cheddar and Boones Farm, I know, but hey it’s cheese and wine right?) And we’re all sitting around watching an american classic, Friday I think it was.  As always, I was enjoying my pipe as well and a fun time was being had by all.  Then, all of a sudden, emerging from out the hall was an elderly woman. She was on the higher end of 70 years old and she looked like shen had had it a bit rough in her day. She yells out “Hey!” Everything stops. She looks around the room notices me and says to me, quite sternly I might add,  “Say Mike, How come there isn’t one place for me to watch my videos? Why do I have to hunt all over youtube to see what I like?” So I took a deep pull of my pipe, and then asked her, “What kind of music do you like?” She replied with a  bit of contempt in her voice, “Good Stuff! You know,stuff like Skyzoo, that boy from Canada, Shad, maybe even a Pharcyde video!” I said “Well there should be a place like that. I agree with you.” Upon hearing my answer she yelled “Well dont just sit there drinking that fine wine and exotic cheese!  Get off your ass and go make one!” So that’s what I did. Here it is. I hope you like it but most of all, I hope all the little old ladies that long for NEW hip hop videos, like it.

First up we’re going to jump it off with a Pledge Allegiance to The Old School Cut Since we’re going to be hearing a little more from this dude later I thought it a good idea we start it off with my man outta Lefrak or Iraq as he calls it. Noreaga is first up withone of  my favorite videos of his, Grimey!  

N.O.R.E. – Grimey

Next up, since I usually end with the West Coast on the radio I’m going to begin with the the Left Coast on the video blog. We’re going to start off with Crooked I’s protege’s The Horseshoe Gang with my favorite freestyle from last year, Their Freestyle over the Run This Town track. After that, If you remember, A few days ago the essay question was what songs do you listen to  chill out. My number one chill out song is the next video. Evidence with Chase The Clouds Away produced by Alchemist.   

Horse Shoe GANG “Run This Town

Evidence – “Chase The Clouds Away”

Next Up is Detroit Native and G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean with his video Supa Dupa. Capone N Noreaga are back with a video inspired by The Martin Lawrence/Eddie Murphy movie Life featuring Faith Evans. Next, we have a video from the upcoming “Live From The Tapedeck” collaborative album with Skyzoo and !llmind. I recall saying in a class discussion recently that this song is not up to the level of anything on Slavation, I may be wrong. This is a dope song. Finally in this segment we’re going to close it out with Laws ft Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T. with their hot “Hold You Down” remix. You may recognize Emilio Rojas’ voice because his “Bold and Arrogant remix feat Styles P and Asher Roth has gotten pretty decent play on the show. Enjoy.

Big Sean Supa Dupa

Capone N Noreaga feat Faith Evans Hood Pride

Skyzoo & !llmind Frisbees

Laws ft Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T. “Hold You Down” remix

Now we’re going to go into a video of a song That Masta Ace himself introduced on our show.  Immediately folowing that we have something special from Long D.O.E. Ent. featuring some of the best MC’s in the Minnesota area, in particular underground darling, Meta and jumped off by Atmosphere themselves, It’s simply called The Cypher.   


Long D.O.E Ent  Slug, ANT, Prof, Tony Bones, Big Wiz, Meta, Mr. Snuff, Mike the Martyr and Carnage The Cypher

You all know I like to bring things a little unusual a little different and don’t think my music video blog will be any different, Janelle Monae feat B.O.B and my man from my hometown, Chicago, Lupe Fiasco. Then a great video by El-P and finally the song that got the most buzz from our Random Radio last week, The White Stripes with their visual treat Seven Nation Army. 

Tightrope (Wondamix) Janelle Monae Feat. BoB and Lupe Fiasco

El-P – “Time Won’t Tell

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

We’re going to close out our first of what I hope to be many installments of this feature on my blog, with our first Need To Learn Segment. Canadian MC Shad comes through with another song that we have played on the show, called Rose Garden which pays homage to a video of a song that also played on our Random Radio show from last week, Pharcyde’s classic, Drop.

SHAD – Rose Garden

Pharcyde Drop

Well That’s it. I realy hope you like it and the feedback I get from this blog will determine if this is a regular feature or not. I am crazy excited about this! I hope this increases the visibility of these artists as well as your apreciation of the songs.   If you like what we got here remember the class motto, Each One Teach One. No show tonight but since Usershare is back up the Random Radio podcast is coming this weekend, The Best of 2010 so far, is coming this weekend and on the 25th of this month, I’m planning a Michael Jackson Need To Learn tribute podcast. No show doesn’t mean no music. I got you,you can trust me, I’m a Professor.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

Ya Man,

The Professor

p.s. I’m going to keep the name the same but just put the next highest number on it because, well, I’m lazy. Inside joke. If you were in on that particular class discussion you get it.


~ by Professor Mike on August 20, 2010.

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