Class Talent Show

The Class Talent Show has been moved to September 10th.  A big part of  the that was alot of the music I sent was not in a format I could edit. I can only use MP3’s. If your submission is returned to you this weekend please resubmit it. I will be accepting submissions up until Sept 3rd.  MP3’s only. 

This September 10th we will be having our first annual class talent show!  Signed or unsigned, doesn’t matter. I want to hear the talent in the class as well as give you a chance to get your music played on the radio.  The rules are as follows:

1. MC’s-Submit up to 3 songs rocking over an original beat, or any beat of your choosing. I will edit what you submit but if it’s all motherfucker, shit,bitch, dick it probably wont make the cut

2 DJ’s -you may put on a turntablist exhibition but it cant exceed 3:30 or a quick mix that’s not over 5 minutes and you are allowed 3 submissions

3. Producers-you may submit an instrumental track but it cant exceed 2 minutes. I don’t want to play a continuous loop for 4 min, nothing personal.  you may submit a song with an mc rocking over your track as well. you too can submit up to 3 tracks 

4-Songwriters/singers- your song must be sung over a hip hopish track because after all this is a hip hop show.  You can also sing an old soul classic but not anything too slow. you may also submit up to 3 tracks

5.-You can mail a cd. the address will be provided below.

6 -I CHOOSE THE SONGS I PLAY. Just because i don’t choose your song that doesn’t mean it’s wack, it just may not be my thing.

7.-Our personal relationship means nothing. Just because we are friends, that will not earn you a spot on the show.

8.-I must have you submissions in the email or in my mailbox by Aug 6th. I need time to get them ready to air

9.-If it doesn’t sound professional I won’t play it.

If I don’t get enough songs that I like to put a whole show together, I’ll fill up the show with other submissions. I am very excited about this I hope you are too.  Below is where you can submit your music

 You can mail your cd’s to:

 c/o Professor Mike Jordan
 2101 S. Main
Little Rock, AR 72206

Good Luck! I am looking forward to hearing what you got. Any questions you have you can place in the comment section below.

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on July 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Class Talent Show”

  1. hi ! Where are you lacated? Where would the show take place?

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