First Round Draft Pick by The Twinz

On June 25th, I asked an essay question, as I do every weekday morning but this one kind of exploded into something else.  The question was if there was a draft on hip hop acts, who would you pick? The order was determined on a first come, first served basis.  The rounds started at the beginning of each hour, and this went on for 10 hours!  While not as speedy as the NBA draft it was way more fun.  I was asked “Would I pick a favorite?”  I laughed and said, I’m The Professor and I don’t play favorites, however I will grade them and that is what we are here for now.  These are my grades and evaluations of The 1st (of hopefully many) Bi-annual Hip Hop Draft. 
The rules were you could only pick once per round and the order was determined on how fast you could post when I began a round.  There were groups picked because the understanding was established part of the way through that you were building a label. I also placed another rule part of the way through that you could only use producers that were on your label. That rule may have been missed by some so I am going to make an exception on one labels roster.  The main evaluation is the past quality music generated by the artists on your label.  This is all in fun and it’s also based on my opinion so no hard feelings. With that being said there is not a wack one among them.  Some people were streamlined, some people were business oriented but they were all very good.  I’m going to look at them all individually.  Let’s go. 

Kane Mayfield
Team Mayfield

1 Slick Rick
2 Lupe Fiasco
3 Redman
4 Prince Paul
5 Boot Camp Click  
 Collective, not allowed. If I had caught this earlier, I would have told you. I’m sure you would have fixed
6 Elzhi
7 Phonte
8 Marley Marl (DJ and Production)
9 The Hitmen led by Puff Daddy (production)
10 De La Soul

I believe that Slick Rick was the number one pick if I remember correctly.  This is a great label in my opinion.  I am a huge Phonte and Elzhi fan.  Marley, Puffy, and Prince Paul is a very eclectic group of producers but it kinda covers all bases Old School with Marley New School with Prince Paul and Radio with Diddy.  Speaking of Diddy I would love to see them with these artists because we saw what he did with another great MC.  Maybe they’ll make him more into the hip hop icon he thinks he is.  Just a thought.  Team Mayfield has nothing but great MC’s. Damn I love this roster! Grade: A+ 
Micshon Harper
Round 1: Big Daddy Kane
Round 2: Kanye West
Round 3: Busta Rhymes
Round 4: Illogic
Round 5: Outkast
Round 6: Lauren Hill
Round 7: MC Eiht
Round 8: Luda!
Round 9: Dougie Fresh
Round 10…..: DJ Kidddddd Capri
I Love the Pairing of Kanye and Outkast on production.  Lauren Hill does some production as well but I have heard otherwise lol.  As much as I love Doug. E. Fresh, and as great as he would be on tour, he would not be much in the studio.  I have never been a huge MC Eiht fan because as gangsta rappers go he’s far from my first choice. Luda would have been a better 7th round choice but you have him and that’s all that matters. With the exception of Illogic not a big underground push. Not bad but interesting. Grade A+
Osyrus Bin Amin-Ra Bolly
1. Scarface
2. Jean Grae
3. Cee-lo Green
4. Beanie Sigel
5. Devin the Dude
6. Theophilus London
7. Chuck D.
8. Erykah Badu
9. DJ. Jazzy Jeff
10. Missy Elliot
This is a very impressive roster!  Vocalists, Producers, DJ’s, Conscious MC’s, and Missy! This is a very diverse group of artists and it seems that the focus here was on individuality and creating new fresh music. I would love to see Jean and Erykah together on a track.  Chuck D and Cee Lo.  This is a high quality roster. Grade A+       
Brian Mann
Round 1: Ghostface
Round 2: El Da Sensei
Round 3: Edo G
Round 4: Dilla
Round 5: J Live
Round 6: MizMarvel
Round 7: Lil Dap
Round 8: DJ Babu
Round 9: Camu Tao (RIP)
Round 10: Peanut Butter Wolf
First off HUGE shout out on selecting one of the most unique voices in Hip Hop, Camu Tao!  I am a big fan of Camu Tao so just seeing him on anybody’s roster is refreshing!  Ghostface  would have been my first round pick as well!  Dilla  making it to round 4 was a big shock for me as I saw him as a first rounder.  This draft was unpredictable!  I was never a big Lil Dap fan so you lost a few points there with me. Your MC choices could have been stronger imo.  Not wack at all. Just could have been stronger.  Your production is good with a few people capable of handling production. Good choices though. Grade A  
Angela Bradley
1) Tupac
2) Talib Kweli
3) James Brown
4) Ras Kass
5) Bahamadia
6) Jay Electronica
7) Common
8.) Dead Prez
9) Gangstarr
10)Royce Da 5’9
Team Revolutionaries

DAMN! This is an amazing roster. Nevermind the Godfather of Soul, but Premier on board as producer for this collection of MC’s is just too much.  He has worked with some of them before, Rassie, Bahamadia, Talib, Common and Royce but to see him with Jay Electronica has me giddy!!! Also a Gangstarr reunion album as well!!!!  And How did Royce slip to Round 10?!?! Smh.  This is probably my favorite lineup to be truthful.  Grade A+

Caleb Bryant
2. del tha funkee homosapian
3. gift of gab (of blackalicous)
4. inspectah deck
6.immortal technique
7.danger mouse
8.aesop rock
9.Kool Keith (gets slept on way to much)
10.Sage Francis
This is the most underground group assembled!  Not one radio cat in the bunch.  This group may never go platinum but they will get mad respect.  There is just an amazing collection of artists and something tells me the Caleb would allow all of these artists the artistic freedom to do their thing. The groups that could form from this label is making my head spin!  Great selections! Grade A
Nathan Esparza
Final Cut
1. Premo
2. Grand Puba
3. Masta Ace
4. AG
5. Showbiz
6. Lord Finesse
7. Kool G Rap
8. Big L
9. Roc Raida
10.Big Pun
Premier first round draft pick!!!! Luckily Wu Tang clauses were in all contracts so that allowed Premier to shop for a solo deal.  One third of DITC being picked is a good look as well.  Kool G 7th round? Big L 8th round? Pun 10th round?  Lyrically no one is f**king with this group!  I am betting some of you are kicking yourselves when you look at the Final Cuts last 4 picks!  Roc Raida was an EXCELLENT  choice because he is also the labels official mixtape DJ.  Looking at this roster again I am surprised at some of the members of the class.  Tsk tsk tsk. Grade A+
Steve Berger
Rd #3 Mos Def
Rd#4 Q-Tip
Rd#6 DJ Honda
Final RD Blu

I only wish that Mr Berger had been able to complete this draft but I gave him a B because he has an awesome 4 man roster that could form a 3 mc group with a Dj.  Like Cash Money Millionaires but WAY better! Grade B
Darryl Fetz
1 Guru
2 Joell Ortiz
3 Method Man
4 Last Emperor
6 Nate Dogg
7 Atmosphere
8 Brother Ali
9 Jam Master Jay
10 Eric B

This roster is all over the place.  Nate Dogg’s inclusion puzzles me because he has never shown the capability to carry a song alone.  I’ve never liked Eric B as a DJ.  Guru, Joell, Atmosphere, Brother Ali and The RZA make this still a good roster. I would be excited to hear Joell over Ant’s tracks as well as the Rza’s.  Nate Dogg just weirded me out with Kool G and Pun still on the board.  Grade A  

I had a lot of fun with this and when the NFL draft hits we may do this again.  Thank you all for your participation and I hope you’re pleased with your grades.     

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on July 5, 2010.

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  1. This should be taught virtually through the University Of Phoenix.
    I LOVE THIS!!!!!

    And as i previously stated, if i could get as excited about Calculus 101 the way i did about this……… wheeeew, my boss would have an accent by now.

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