The Old School, New School, Need To Learn Though Show!:Dirty South Honors ATL/GA


To say I was excited about this show is a huge understatement.  As it drew closer to showtime I was getting more and more anxious.  I expected to lose a few listeners due to Southern Hip Hop getting a healthy amount of hate.  Well No less an authority than Fab 5 Freddy puts on the Hip Hop Honors and he decided to show love to the Dirty South.  Last year I did 2 Def Jam shows in conjunction with The Hip Hop Honors.  This year is no different.  The first week of my two week tribute was dedicated to Atlanta and the whole state of Georgia.  I called Columbus, GA  home for a year so for that and many other reasons  I am very pleased to present this weeks show to you.  We’ll have the playlist and at the bottom we will have the download for the show.  I really appreciate those that were with me and I will be giving them a special shout out at the end of this blog.  Thanks.      

MC Shy-D – Shake It 

 Dirty South-Goodie Mob & Outkast
Georgia- Ludacris & Field Mob
Welcome To Atlanta-Jermaine Dupri feat Ludacris

 Jump- Kriss Kross
B.O.B.- OutKast 

Ugly-Bubba Sparxx
Yeah!-Killer Mike

Damn!-YoungBloodZ & Lil’ Jon

Never Scared-Bone Crusher feat. Killer Mike & T.I
You Don’t Know Me-T.I

Oh I Think They Like Me Remix- Dem Franchise Boyz ft. JD,Da Brat,Bow Wow–   
You Gonna Luv Me-Da Backwudz 

Blow It Out-Ludacris  
Player’s Ball- OutKast
Watch for the Hook [Dungeon Family Mix]- Cool Breeze  

Thats Life-Killer Mike
Bring Em out -T.I.
Southern Hospitality- Ludacris 
Move Bitch-Ludacris

What you know-T.I. 
And Then What-Young Jeezy & Mannie Fresh
Benz or Beamer-OutKast
Maniac-Parental Advisory
Cell Therapy-Goodie Mob  
Soul Food-Goodie Mob
85 south-Outkast & Youngbloods  
Elevators (Me & You)-OutKast 
In Due Time -Outkast  

Extra special thanks to everybody that held me down Friday night, Sheila McClenton, Dylan Oliver, Jose Morillo, Deron King Crab George,  Mercyn Vales, John ‘K-flip’ Kirby,  Charles A Boyd III,  Born JamelAllah,  Will Bond  Jahsen Latimore Stéphane Wize Vetri,  Doc Drew,  Nick Drake, Nakeisha Copeland, RJ Baker, Hugo Biggs Nse,  Paula Mccormick,  Alex Gonzalez, Michael Scott Peterson,  Lizzie Burnham,  Shirley Dasupawomen, Jared Kelly,  Detroit Danté, Otim Oloya, Andrew Daugherty,  Kristin Douesnard, LadyTrauma Onthe Beat, Vivii Shyness, Ericka Lindsey, Rob Freeman, and Declau Charlery.  When I thought no one could appreciate what I tried to do you all proved me wrong. There will be a viewing and discussion of The VH1 Dirty South Honors airing tomorrow at 9 eastern on my Facebook page of the event as it’s airing so please join us for that and don’t miss next week when we show love to the rest of the Honoree’s and hit the remainder of The Dirty South.  Thanks again. The link to last weeks show is below.

The Old School, New School, Need To Learn Though Show!: Dirty South Honors Tribute ATL/GA


~ by Professor Mike on June 6, 2010.

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