The Show by Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew


Ok I had a few things going on this weekend and I’d like to talk about some of them.  New phone that I’m feeling so far but learning it is a bit of a hassle.  It’s cool though, I like it so far.  It’s an HTC Hero by the way.  If you know about it get at me.  It’s nice having the show theme as my ringtone though.  Can’t speak for you but I NEVER get tired of hearing it.  So that’s a good thing.  As huge as that is it pales in comparison to the reason why I did not have a show this past Friday.

Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing Doug E Fresh and The ENTIRE Get Fresh Crew!!!  When I say ENTIRE I mean Chill Will, Barry B and last but certainly not least, Slick Rick The Ruler!!!!!  They tore the stage down but more on them later.  I went with 3 lovely ladies and I thought I was looking, smelling and feeling pretty damn good myself and the night felt promising.   Not long after I get in there I see my man poet/MC/real dude Osyrus.  We say what’s up and he promptly introduces me to Kwestion.  Kwestion tells me he is an MC/Producer. Osyrus tells me that Kwestion is somebody to know and based on conversations that me and Osyrus have had, I value his opinion highly!  Kwestion and I are going to link up for sure in the very near future!  Shortly after that The Notorious B.I.G’s Big Poppa is playing and I thought it was a fitting jump off for the night

Well, to be frank for the opening DJ that was as good as it got and it didn’t get that good often.  Now I’m wrestling with whether I should even mention this cat’s name.  I’m going to think on that a bit more.  Let me tell you some more about him.  First and foremost he had the Serato program( If you are unfamiliar with this program, what it does is it turns your laptop into your “crates”. as many mp3’s as you have,you have that many records.  Let me break it down.  It’s two pieces of vinyl, that you put on your decks and the mp3’s that are on your laptop play through the records on your turntables and you can do pretty much everything you can do with a record.  A very valuable tool and you can’t knock it because I have seen Jazzy Jeff use em.  If they’re good enough for Jeff, they’re good.  My problem with him was not that he used this program it was his amazing misuse of it.

He played some old school classics.  I heard Top Billin which still kills in the club.  It’s a certified Neck Breaker.  You want to talk about an A+ Cut Top Billin is it.  He played a few joints like that and they were good.  Then I heard some Cash Money “classics”. Now, I didn’t think we should hear Cash Money at a Doug E. Fresh show but it’s the south.  What are you gonna do?  I also heard My Chick Bad if that’s the name of it and I was amazed to see people over 30 rapping along to it.  Grown Women dancing to it.  It was kinda weird.  I don’t think we should be listening to the same music our kids are listening to.  You are supposed to grow with your music.  It’s Progression.  What I saw was Regression, but I digress.  Back to the DJ.  His cuts were sloppy, he jumped in and out of songs but I felt his biggest offense was that with a Serato, and as many songs as his hard drive could hold, HE REPEATED  SONGS!!!!!!   I have something like 12,000 songs at my disposal. I’d like to think he had at least a 1000.  THIS is the best you can do?!?!?!?  The people there seemed to like it but if you been eating garbage for so long I guess some people become accustomed to the taste.  And he was rockin like he was killing it!!!  It was an embarrassment to DJ’s everywhere that he would even ATTEMPT to include himself in their ilk.   Needless to say he made a long wait longer.  Now, he was on the center riser and I saw two sets of turntables set up on either side of that one.  As he continued to bore me to tears playing songs I would not call classics I saw Chill Will and Barry B setting up.  I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.  I informed LovelyLadyLisa that Doug E Fresh (who she said several times she was anxious to see) would be taking the stage soon.  She asked how did I know, I told her because I know Chill Will and Barry B when I see them.  I think it’s safe to say that she was glad that she came with The Professor!!!  


Doug E Fresh finally took the stage and he got the party started with his classic “Keep Rising To The Top”  and from that moment forward Doug E had the crowd in the palm of his hand!  After he performed that The Ruler graced us with his presence.  He was, of course, fresh dressed like a million bucks wearing enough gold to tie a dog in the yard!   They went right into The Show and if you read online in the next couple of days that there’s a bar in Little Rock with the roof missing, it’s because Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh tore it off of the Rev Room with that one!!!    However, they only performed a verse or two off of that and they went right into the classic La Di Da Di with Doug on the beatbox and Slick Rick and everybody else in the club on the vocals!!!!  After a rousing rendition of that The Divine Majesty went into a little medley that started with Hey Young World, went to Mona Lisa and then he ended with the full and complete rendition of Margie B’s (and probably everybody’s favorite) Children’s Story!   By this time the crowd was in a full-fledged frenzy!!!!  Upon completion of that, much to my surprise, and I’m guessing everyone else’s in the building, Lil Vicious came out.  They performed a song I used to love called “Freaks”  I felt like the only person that knew the song because the crowd was not as excited about that one.  After they completed that forgotten gem Doug E took The Show on home “MOST DEFINITELY WE ARE FRESH” and Slick Rick left the stage after that to wild applause.


Just when you thought it was over that’s when Doug E. Fresh really got going.  Doug E Fresh did call and response, put on a beat box clinic, played some tv show theme songs, performed a song where the crowd shouted the last word of each line, and just really honestly and truly rocked the house.  Him and The Get Fresh Crew had an airtight show and it seemed obvious that they have been working together for years!!!   He took it back to the essence.  Not really doing songs but really really working the crowd.   An MC is a master of ceremonies.  Doug mos def mastered the ceremony and he earned his title WORLD’S GREATEST ENTERTAINER!!!!!   I sensed the show was winding down so I stepped outside for some fresh air and met Laura and Sarah White aka The White Sisters and hung out with them for a moment but as I was going back in I ran into Little Rock legend DJ Swift.  We talked  about my appearance on the pilot episode of Half Full Tv, he introduced me to Terrence Wilburn of Take IV Productions who informed me that him and  DJ Swift had the first mix show in Little Rock. Then Little Rock hip hop radio legend Ron Mc comes through and he was excited to meet me!  Ain’t that a trip?!?  He’s the legend!  I’m just a little guy (not speaking literally, of course) with a little show.  Razormack pops up next and he’s like one of the first MC’s in Little Rock to really put it down and he tells me he used to like my emails?!??!  (before the blog I sent out a class email with a song attached that was that week’s favorite song.)  The Little Rock Hip Hop radio history is all out here and it’s getting crazy and I think that the only thing missing is MoneyMal & DJ Prophet!  Then THAT got me to thinking about someone else.  I got something huge I’m putting together in my mind and maybe for my anniversary month it will come to fruition. Anyway, on the way to the car I bumped into Barry B.  Totally forgot about my phone so no pic (damn) but I told him that Chill Will and his work on Doug E Fresh’s Worlds Greatest Entertainer album is still the best DJ work on an album ever.  Gave him a pound, the brother half hug and I was gone into the night to get ready for work in 5 hours.   

Amazing night and really in my heart of hearts, I wish every one of ya’ll had been there with me.  I was there as a representative of the class and tried to take in as much of it as I could for ya’ll and If you ever get a chance to see Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew and Slick Rick it would be time and money well spent.  It was a great show and the ONLY thing that would have made it better was YOU being there with me.  I’m not going to mention the DJ.  He was garbage and there’s no point in mentioning him by name.  If he ever reads this, get better or I will mention you.          


 Ya Man,

The Professor



~ by Professor Mike on April 11, 2010.

9 Responses to “The Show by Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew”

  1. I sure hate I missed it because you know I could have done Children’s story with them. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Good Read Homey

  3. name that wack-ass dj……

  4. shit, i got hella more songs than him, wish i could have gone to see the show tho

  5. Yes, Charles, Professor Mike is a good writer. A bit self-deprecating, but quick-witted and razor sharp. As far as this song goes, this brings me wonderful memories of fun with friends, enjoying life and youth.

    • For those that don’t know. MILFteacher is that. Very Alluring woman but more importantly, she’s an english teacher. Those of you that know me know that I am a lover of words. That’s why I love mc’s. Real mc’s that flip crazy metaphors, and similies and all of that. I have the utmost repect for her opinion. That being said, she is correct. I do have a pretty sharp wit and I guess some people would say that I’m smart. Now, there is the issue of this self deprecating thing. I’m going to say this one time and one time only. I may APPEAR self deprecating but the only and I do mean the only reason for this is I don’t want to toot my own horn, but this one time, toot toot. I’m the shit, my show’s the shit, I give you the equivalent of 2 brand new mixtapes a week, Noone on the radio studies the culture like I do. I pick the hottest records, my themes are morbidly obese (phat) and I have the smartest listeners in hip hop. After all of this greatness, the best thing about me is I’m so damn humble. Kind enough to APPEAR self deprecating to maintain my accesability….ok lol jk! Thanks MILFteacher. You can read and grade my blog anytime.

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