A+ Cut Of The Week:Week Ending 4/3/10

 Crazy insane show last Friday!!!  New Month, New Music was huge for April and I gotta give a HUGE Shout out to Osyrus for sitting in with me for a while and if you were not at the Soul Liberation event this past Saturday for you I feel the sorriest.  Sunni Patterson was so real and raw with her baby wrapped up in front of her.  A future poet or at the very least an mc because as she was performing HE KEPT REACHING FOR THE MIC.   That fact was not lost on me lol!!!  

Also got to give a Shout Out to my man Mike Streezy.  He embodied the class motto, EACH ONE, TEACH ONE better than anyone has so far.  He brought several new listeners to class and I made a few friends and one in particular, Amber Nicole Roberts showed mad love all week and was very supportive throughout the night.  I love when ladies are into real hip hop.  You know there is NOTHING  sexier to me than a woman who knows her hip hop or at least is willing to learn.  Amber, I suspect, will be a special student.

Now, they say that April Showers bring  May Flowers, but what do Wu Massacre Gunshowers bring???  Well for one they bring us an A+ Cut Of The Week!!!  Method murders his verse (nice around mics, Cus D’ Amamto!)  and the hook!  He leaves no confusion as to when he wants his fuckin’ shit!!!  Ghostface comes in and anyone that knows me knows he is my FAVORITE mc in the world and he doesn’t disappoint at all!  Inspectah Deck and Sun God also help out.  It was produced by Digem Tracks Productions. It was our opening Need To Learn segment for the week as it samples “La La La Means I Love You”  but it ain’t no love ballad!!!!  It’s my favorite song off my favorite album this year (so far) AND it’s my A+ Cut of The Week!!!!  Hit the title for the FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!  Enjoy!

Wu Massacre feat Sun God & Inspectah Deck-Gunshowers 


Ya Man,

The Professor!


~ by Professor Mike on April 5, 2010.

9 Responses to “A+ Cut Of The Week:Week Ending 4/3/10”

  1. Dope pick

  2. I don’t know if this will be the album of the year but it can definitely be the best cover of the year.

    • It wnt be the album of the yr

      • For now, my album of the year is AOTP’s The Unholy Terror and I still have to wait till Vinnie Paz’s new album is out…

  3. Heard people wanted a longer album…too short.

    • I used to complain that I wish Rockwiler by Red & Meth was longer. A friend of mine told me always leave them wanting more….that may have been the idea. dunno. what they have though is dope!!!

  4. true…its a dope cd, 36 style…

  5. Much love from Digem Tracks Productions :: Producer on Gunshowers

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