A+ Cut Of The Week Week Ending 3/27/2010


There are so many blogs that give you page upon page of mp3 downloads and you never know if of them are any are good.  Well I listen to music CONSTANTLY and I feel in my position as your professor that I am qualified to pick one cut that stands out from the rest.  This song used to be called “My Favorite Song” but now it is referred to as The A+ Cut of The Week.  You can click on the song title to download it and share this love with others. As always, Each One Teach One!   I’m sure you can relate to how you can hear a song, and you can’t stop listening to it! When that song hits me, I will share it with you!  It will not always be a brand new song.  But it will be my honest favorite song.  Not some concoction or a song that someone is pushing me to plug.  You deserve the best and that’s exactly what I want to give you.

With that being said it brings me great pleasure to bring to you a collaboration that I can’t stop playing.  You  may know the producer as one of the members of The Bizzie Boys and member of Original Flavor AND one of the producers of  Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt as well as Camp Lo’s Uptown Saturday Night (thanks Seif)! This time around Ski Beatz has a track with my favorite female MC (Jean Grae) my favorite the-future-of-hip-hop MC (Jay Electronica) my favorite hottest-mc-in-the-game MC (Joell Ortiz) and my favorite actor/MC Mos Def!!!!  This is going to be on Ski’s 24 Hour Karate School joint coming out soon!!!  It starts off with a sample of one of my all time favorite movies.  The first person to name it gets extra points!!!

The A+Cut Of The Week:Ski Beatz ft Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz and Mos Def-Prowler 2


Ya Man,

The Professor



~ by Professor Mike on March 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “A+ Cut Of The Week Week Ending 3/27/2010”

  1. good looks

  2. last dragon…

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