You’re Gonna Get Yours by Public Enemy



I was working on this week’s Hip Hop 101 show and it had me looking back at 1987 and a special memory for me.  It’s so weird how influential hip hop is now.  Back in the day, if you youngsters can imagine it, Hip Hop was not the end all be all it is now.  Older folks didn’t see what hip hop meant to us kids.  How it spoke to us, how connected we were to the artists back then.  So much so, the things they rapped about, we found ourselves wanting.  My object of desire was a 98 Oldsmobile.  Why, you ask? (if you have to ask I have a SERIOUS homework assignment for you!)  The answer was because Chuck D had one.  He was the voice of The 98 Posse.  I wasn’t even aware Public Enemy was the name of the group!  Now, I had a homboy up the block named Jimmy whose mom was THAT mom.  He was always the kid that had “IT” first!  We went over his house to play Colecovision (I know it kinda ages me but I LIVED through this shit!) HE was the one with The Megatron Transformer that looked so close to a real gun when my aunt saw it laying on her couch , she shreiked!  HE was also the one that had turntables.  What a waste.  He never really spun on them but he did have the Public Enemy 12″ of You’re Gonna Get Yours.  I borrowed that and played the HELL out of it!!!!  When Chuck said “SUCKERS TO THE SIDE I KNOW YOU HATE MY 98!!!” I knew immediately after hearing the BOOMING baritone of Chuck D that I didn’t want to be a sucker! I wanted a 98.  I decided my first car would be a Black 98 Oldsmobile and I thought I could then join the 98 Posse and be on this phat album cover!!

That would've been me kneeling on the far right!

       I didn’t care about Cadillacs, Benzes or any of that.  The Hard Rhymer had a 98, I wanted a 98!  Whenever car conversations came up, I would always say “The 98 is the FRESHEST car you could get!”  Mind you, I know NOTHING about cars, hell I can’t even change my own oil,   but I knew the 98 Olds was the shit because Chuck D drove one and there was a WHOLE ENTIRE POSSE that drove them and we all know P.E. had TOO MUCH POSSE!!!!!  I thought the 98 Posse could take out the Vice Lords and The Disciples!!!!! I Loved the 98 Posse!  THAT was the gang I wanted to be in!  Interesting sidebar about growing up in Chicago.  NO KIDS HAD CARS! (except Jimmy. His mom let him drive her white Taurus.  Damn Jimmy!)  In Little Rock kids can’t wait to get their license.  In Chicago, if you had a bus pass you had it all!!!!!  Also I didn’t have my first job till my Junior year of high school, and by then I was obsessed with buying as much Nike stuff as I can get my hands on, but THAT’S another story for another time.  I never got a 98 Olds but as I write this blog I’m putting “GET 98 OLDS” on my life to-do list.  I wonder if the 98 Posse is still active and accepting members….   

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on March 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “You’re Gonna Get Yours by Public Enemy”

  1. Nwa had me coveting 40’s back in the day. I didn’t aim as high as you did. Lol. Great blog, love your sense of humor.

  2. man i FEELyou…lol…how bout i couldnt get a 98 so i got a olds delta 88…lmao…..that was close as i could get……and the bad thing is i coulda got a much better car….but i aint want a much betta car….i wanted a 98

  3. Subject of suckers, object of hate

  4. I like your flow, MJ! PE was &/still is the bomb. I always wanted to one of the S1W’s them cat’s seemed like some bad @ss mofo’s that would open up a can of whip @ss on anyone that even thought of trying come at Chuck the wrong way. You bought back some good memories, brah. Thanks!

  5. My man used to bang this in his Honda Prelude everyday!!!! Got too much Posse like Flava Flav!!!

  6. Yo! That is one of my favorite pictures for a single on wax!!

  7. You can never go wrong with Chuck D/Public Enemy! Thanks for the memories!

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