Hold You Down by Alchemist feat Prodigy, Illa Ghee, and Nina Sky

     It’s been a long time… I have made some MAJOR personal changes (for the better!) and started a new gig (two weeks in!!!) and I haven’t blogged in a second but after last night’s show I do have something to say today and this is so important to me I had to make time to say it. 

    Last night my Co host, Co D, tag team partner, One half of the Midnight Express, and my brother from another mother of the caucasian persuasion, Will E. Rock (get well soon fam, I NEED YOU LOL!) called me at 11:35 to tell me he couldn’t get the stream going.  I had plans to conduct the first semester exam last night but those plans had to be scrapped as a good percentage of my listeners would not have the show available to them.  This has happened before and usually, it leads to me feeling like part of me is missing and I feel my performance suffers a little.  Oddly enough last night, I wasn’t feeling that way.  I was determined to do the best show I could considering.

     I am extremely active on Facebook while the show is going on, posting the song that’s currently playing and building with my “class”.  Even though I was sitting in front of a laptop, and my people were getting at me telling me the stream wasn’t working, I just didn’t see any point in going on with the Facebook correspondence since they couldn’t hear the show anyway.  Then it hit me!

     I sometimes do something on Facebook called Random Radio where I put my itunes on shuffle and whatever is playing on my speakers, I put the youtube video up on my page.  In a moment of inspiration, I decided IF they were willing to sit with me, they might appreciate me putting up the videos of the songs I’m playing on the show, with the added bonus of when there’s an actual video they get to “see” the song as well.  Something the radio listeners wouldn’t get.  I didn’t think people would sit up with me just to watch videos on their computer but not only did they but turns out THE RESPONSE WAS INSANE!!!!!

     In my attempts to hold you down, in fact, you held me down!  Huge class participation A+’s go out to “Superposter” ViVi Obioha, Kristen Douesnard, Ericka Lindsey, Jose Morillo (PUERTO RICO! HOOOOOOOOOO!) Phaleap Edmond, Latonya Latee Mcnary, Deron King Crab George, Nonexistent Thorburn, Kane Mayfield, Andrew Daughtery, Dominique Larue (Ms Sassy Herself!!!) and my girl Lizzie Burnham (people lost their minds over that Dessa “Dixon’s Girl” video.  I thank you AGAIN for putting me on to Doomtree!!!!) 

     I want to take a moment to highlight the participation of two newer class members.  RJ Baker and Megan Majors were there for the whole show, commenting on practically every video, and holding me down and giving me the energy to provide a great show to the Homeroom Students and Breakfast Club!  I am always amazed that people listen to the show live, or download the podcast or provide links on their page to the show.  I hear people say that hip hop is dead all the time.  I have never shared that sentiment because I was always lucky enough to know where to find it.  RJ and Megan convinced me that I am not an island.  That you all, in the words of Sally Field, “really like me” (faux tears lol) but more importantly, you all really love Hip Hop.  You all inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing and to keep trying to do it better for you.  Thank you two especially for being a part of class and for keeping Hip Hop Alive!  I love all the members of the class, especially knowledgeable ladies (nothing, and I do mean nothing, is sexier than a woman with an appreciation for real hip hop music) but new members make me strive to do better.  For all the love you have shown me, I will keep holding you down.  Thank you all so much.


Ya Man,

The Professor



~ by Professor Mike on March 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “Hold You Down by Alchemist feat Prodigy, Illa Ghee, and Nina Sky”

  1. Such a cool song

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Mike!!! What you did last night was AWESOME! You did tha’ damn thang when the odds were against ya ~ you made it happen! LOVED every minute of it ~ was most def schooled….had no clue white girls rapped…lol. Dessa “Dixon’s Girl” video was off tha’ chain!!! Thank you for the lesson & tha’ love, Mike! Keep it up!!!! And much love to my Girl, The B!!! Love ya, Sis!

  3. thanks good brother…….. keep up the good work

  4. We love you Mike!

  5. Word.

  6. Thanks Bro, much Love keep that real Hip Hop alive!!!

  7. No need to shout out to me, just keep doing what you do!

  8. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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