Jay Electronica Live at London’s Jazz Cafe 2/17/10

For the record…Will and I are down but not out.   Will has been ill and I have had some personal shit I’m trying to shake off (I see a light at the end of the tunnel :-)) so lately we have been focused on bringing you the best show possible and some of the extensions of the show may have suffered because of it.  Our bad.  We’ll get it right in a minute.  Stay with us.
Now the reason for this post is to apologize (check) and to bring you a GREAT reveiw of Jay Electronica at the Jazz Cafe!  My man Owula Hesse from London had the pleasure of catching this show and as a favor to me, he is sharing his toughts with the class.  It’s a really good reveiw considering he is one of the regulars of the London hip hop scene and winner of the 2010 Dza Day J Dilla quiz I expected nothing less.  btw since O is doing the lions share of the work I provided video links to each of the songs so I wouldn’t feel like I didn’t do nothing lol!  For your reading and viewing pleasure, I present, Owula’s A+ account of Jay Electronica at the Jazz Cafe in London!

Jay Electronica at London’s Jazz Cafe 

by O

I entered the Jazz Cafe as early as 7pm to get the warm back to my feet. As I came in and made my way to the stage, I was delighted to hear nothing but J Dilla beats non-stop. In between, they would play a bit of 90s Hip Hop like N.Y State Of Mind, 10 Crack Commandments etc, but most of the beats played were dedication to Jay Dee. Singer Fatima and British rapper Flashnekoff warmed up the crowd even more for Jay Electronica to come on. Finally, after 11pm, Jay Electronica arrives on the stage! IN A SUIT!

He starts off the show with the song ‘Dear Moleskine’ produced by Just Blaze. It’s amazing how this song has only been performed live….

Working up to his Dilla tributes, he performs Abaracadabra (instrumental to Gobstopper on ‘Donuts’) and Dimethyltriptamine (Track 11 on the 3rd disc of ‘3 Beat tapes’). He pauses to address the crowd about J Dilla and his passion to keep making beats, even when he was in his hospital bed. ‘Light My Fire’ & ‘Waves’ was played out by the DJ to honour him, with a few people holding their lighters towards the sky.

Jay Electronica done a few segments with the crowd such as sharing his Jack Daniels bottle to the front row and offering somebody a chance to come on stage to do a quick 16 on a Dilla beat. Also, he claims he’s an Arsenal supporter (so am I ha!) and asked if anybody supported Man Utd or Chelsea (which followed with a mixture of boos and cheers). He’s a brilliant entertainer and can never fail to bore out the crowd.

He then performed ‘My World (Nas Salute)‘, Eternal Sunshine, Exhibit A and then arguably the most popular song at this moment – Exhibit C. After doing Exhibit C, he did an encore. The crowd was ecstatic. Brilliant moment.

As his show was coming to a close, he entered the crowd to hang out with them, with fans grouping up together to take shots. I told a cameraman to take a photo of me and Jay Elec so that he can send it to me via email. Avoiding the crowd, I managed to get a shot with him.

I gotta say, seeing photos and videos of this event is not gonna LOOK convincing. It’s simply one of those shows where you HAD to be there. If he was to come to London again, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay and see him again. The crowd was in awe when he dropped a few acapellas. All eyes on Jay Electronica right now. He needs an album ASAP. Jaw-dropping event.

Thank you so much O! We appreciate you taking the class on this trip with you!  You came through in the clutch with this one.  As far as Jay Electronica is concerned, this cat is looking like the truth.  I guess we are going to have to stay tuned and find out.  Each One Teach One.
Ya Man,
The Professor

~ by Professor Mike on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Jay Electronica Live at London’s Jazz Cafe 2/17/10”

  1. Sorry to hear that you and Will have been goin through some thangs. I hope he gets well soon and that you get all your personal stuff worked out.

  2. Great post. Hope you’re both better soon!

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