Valentine’s Day (almost) All-Request Love Fest

We want to thank everyone for tuning into such a wonderful request session with your usual suspects, Professor Mike, Will E. Rock, and of course the Woo! Girls ™. Hopefully we took care of you Friday night, we would love to hear what you thought of the show, just drop us a line in the comment section. Don’t forget this whole show is available for download directly off iTunes, look to your right and click on the instructions to see how it’s done. 

On to the show! 

This was the Pledge Alligience to The Old School Cut for this week.  Last year I went with “One Love” by Whodini.  I was thinking about going with the classic “I Need Love” by LL Cool J but truthfully, It was always too corny for my tastes so i went with a UTFO classic from my youth.  I learned the words to this quickly so I could rap these lyrics to a special girl  when I met her.  Fortunately I never embarrased myself like that.      

Ya Cold Wanna Be Wit Me – UTFO 


U.T.F.O. stood for “Untouchable Force Organization”
Doctor Ice was the “Hip-Hop Physician”
Educated Rapper was a college student who wore a suit and tie
Mix Master Ice assumed the persona of a ninja since he would “cut things up” on the turntables
and Kangol Kid got his name due to his affinity for always wearing… well you know

U-Love – J Dilla
Here is the U-Love Freestyle 



Ericka Lindsey dedicated this Jin joint to “the one I find and the one who messed up. : )” I looked for this for a minute before I realized I already had this joint on a Kanye Mixtape.  You may remember Ericka as my first Face to Facebook interview a few blogs back.  Thank you Ericka.  

I Got A Love – Jin feat Kanye West 


Jin is the first Asian rapper to be signed to a major label, he said that this song would’ve been his next single but the ROC didn’t want to over-expose Kanye at the time.. if you listen to jin’s song “long winding road”you will hear an explanation 


This Joell Ortiz joint set back in ’95 was one I sent out to the ladies in the class. 

Call Me – Joell Ortiz 



This next joint was requested by K.A.B. is a Slum Village cut that she didn’t dedicate to anyone but we sent it out to all the single moms out there.  Thanks Kim!   

Old Girl/Shining Star – Slum Village
Off of 2004’s Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit) 

The song features Melanie Rutherford and is produced by B.R. Gunna, which was the production team of Black Milk and Young RJ who are both doing production for the upcoming Slum Village album.   


This supercool Blu & Exile joint was something I wanted to send out to the class.  Showing my love and what not 

No Greater Love – Blu & Exile 

 we had so many hits on this song I just have to post it


The ending is a sample from “Theme from Love Story” performed by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles….main chorus sample is from There is No Greater Love by Oscar Peterson… 


This next cut was requested by THE B dedicated to her Sweetums that’s she’s glad she waited for.  A Jay Z remix that not to many people have but me being The Professor, it’s only right that I have it.  It’s over a Bill Withers sample of “Use Me”.  Oddly enought this Jay Z song is about addiction.  It’s easy to think of a drug addiction but maybe, just maybe it’s an addiction of another sort… 

I Know – Jay-Z 


couldn’t find the specific remix we used on the show but this will give you an idea…  

This Dead Prez joint was requested by my girl Unay Umaphia going out to Kinte G.  She even called him “The Sweetest Thing She’s Ever Known!”   

Dead Prez – Mind Sex 



Dead Prez is an American underground political hip hop duo composed of and M-1. They are known for their confrontational style combined with socialist and pan-Africanist lyrics. These lyrics tend to focus on revolution, veganism, institutional racism, critical pedagogy, police, capitalism, education, prison systems, religion, activism against governmental repression, and corporate control over the media, especially hip-hop record labels. Dead Prez made their stance clear on their first album, declaring on the lead song, “I’m a African” that the group is “somewhere between N.W.A. and P.E.” 

This is one of my dedications on behalf of all the fellas going out to their special ladies.  This is a hip hop love classic for me.  It’s produced by Black Milk.  Nametag is an underghround Detroit MC much like Black Milk and Guilty Simpson continuing the Detroit tradition of taking unusual names.  In fact, Black Milk said he opened up a book and these two words sounded good together to him.     

About You – Nametag 

This next 6 song segment was dedicated to my Woo! girls.  A little bit of Wu Luv!  

Our Dreams – Method Man, Ghostface & Raekwon
Method Man & Redman – Mrs. International 
This next two was requested by Lil Cookie going out to the man that has made her very happy over the past few months 

Save Me Dear – Ghostface
All I Need (razor sharp remix) – Method Man Ft. Mary J Blige
Ice Cream – Raekwon feat Ghostface & Cappadonna
Camay – Ghostface Killah

The next 3 were all produced bu none other than J Dilla.  It had been a Dilla week with the 4 Days of Dilla observation.  Just another way to show some well deserved love.  Add to that A Tribe and a Common request from Alex Gonzalez made this segment easy. 

I Must Love You – Guilty Simpson
The Light – Common
Find a Way (clean) – A Tribe Called Quest

Another Unay Umaphia request, Another Alex Gonzalez request and aanother dedication from Yours Truly,
Mood For Love – Heavy D. & The Boyz
Bonita Applebum Remix – A Tribe Called Quest
Insp Her Ation – Da Ranjahz ft. Cee-Lo

Two requests to two real hip hop chicks Roxi from England and Kristen from Montreal.  Twp perfect mates that know about the Purple Tape.  Thanks for listening ladies!

True Love – Apathy f. Phonte
She & Her (clean) L.E. f. Von P. Black

This next dude along with Fundamental from Toronto form G.O.O.D. Company.  They are like Pete Rock and CL but new! I’m sure by the time you read this A-Jaxx will be picking up a few Pittsburgh Hip Hop awards!  Watch for these two.   
Sucka For Love – Ayatollah Jaxx
Ayatolla Jaxx on good company…



Next up 3 Joints by 3 of my favorite female MC’s including one I’m dying to interview, Dominique Larue.  Still keeping with this year’s theme of 2010 being the Year Of The Female MC.  Enjoy Hip Hop Love from a ladies perspective.    

B.A.B.Why – Mae-Day
hit the jump for BABWhy live in concert 

Supa Luv – Jean Grae
produced by 9th wonder

 He Got Me Like – Dominique Larue

After all this Valentine’s Love there were only two things to do.  We let Atmosphere and Murs and 9th Wonder take us home.

 Happymess – Atmosphere
Marry Me – Murs & 9th Wonder

I had an amazing time with this show and I really felt the love.  I do a Valentine’s Show when the holiday falls on a Friday, Satuday or Sunday  so next year there will not be one.  Thank you all for listening and if you read this far you’d care to know our upcoming shows.  Feb 19’th-New Music.  Feb 26th-Hip Hop 101:’85-’86!  Don’t Miss it.  If you like what we’re doing on the blog, subscribe.  I plan to write more and it’s always Hip Hop.  If you like the show, don’t hide it, divide it!  Each One Teach One. Tell A Friend!




~ by Professor Mike on February 17, 2010.

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  1. I’m just now peepin this post! Thanks for the love and I’m ready when you are!!

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