2/5/10 – Hip Hop 101 : ’79-’84

Man what a show it was!

I plan on making this a bigger and better year for The Old School, New School, Need To Learn Though Show. It was Katt Williams who said, “I don’t even fuck with niggas that’s doing the same shit they was doing last year! Gots to keep it pushin’!”

With that thought running through my head at the end of last year we came up with a few ideas. One of the ideas we came up with is to introduce younger listeners to The Golden Era and maybe give them some understanding as to why it’s called that. Every month this year, on the last Friday of each month, we’ll be doing our Hip Hop 101 series. This one was pushed back a week due to an ice storm in our area. This show could not go unplayed and I am so glad we started this series and from here it’s only going to get better. We hoped you tuned it to check it out, but for those of you who are following along on the Podcast, here are some liner notes to help you make it through. On that note, some of these songs are too old for music videos (i know, can you believe it?) so we are linking the song titles to Wikipedia pages for some Old School education.


as if there was a question…

On to the show!

Rapper’s delight-Sugarhill gang

if you don’t know by now, you’ll never know


Planet Rock-Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force


Will E. Rock’s favorite song of the night, he claims to have been kicked out of a party for saying he would fight anyone who changed the song. What he didn’t know was that he had “Planet Rock” on repeat for around an hour and a half and still wouldn’t let them change it. We’re still not mad at him tho..

Looking For The Perfect Beat-Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force


Rockit – Herbie Hancock

From his 1983 album Future Shock, “Rockit” was the first popular single to feature scratching and other turntablist (using turntables as a musical instrument) techniques, performed by GrandMixer D.ST. Later turntablists, such as DJ Qbert and Mix Master Mike, cited “Rockit” as revelatory in the documentary film Scratch, inspiring their interest in the instrument. The record GrandMixer D.ST. used for scratching in Rockit was the B-side of Change The Beat by Fab Five Freddy, released in 1982 on Celluloid Records.

SEE: Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F.” The theme from the movie Beverly Hills Cop.

 Jam On It-Newcleus

I used to skate to this!

“Computer Age (Push the Button)” was a more mature single, with accomplished rapping and better synthesizer effects, and it also hit the R&B Top 40

This is Prof. Mike’s “joint of the night”, Will E. got a little crazy and smoked his early but it was PLANET ROCK for crying out loud.

You crazy for this one Professor…

Hey DJ-The World Famous Supreme Team

The crew also had a radio show starting in 1979 on WHBI-FM 105.9 out of Newark, NJ.

“Hey DJ” was later sampled on “Honey (Mariah Carey song).” [Mariah if you’re out there, holla back’atcha boys. We miss that fine… umm… music video. yeah that’s it.]

The Message-Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five


Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, becoming the first hip hop/rap artists to be so honored.

DJ Hero Featured Grandmaster Flash as a playable character along with original mixes created for the game.

another little known fact: Keith “Cowboy” Wiggins of the Furious Five  came up with the term “Hip Hop” 

Will E.: “I used to play GTA: Vice City JUST to hear this song when my internet went down… That’s when i knew.”

The Breaks (Part 1-Kurtis Blow)


my teacher asked me why I didn’t have my homework and I just said shiiiit…. that’s the breaks!

It’s Yours-T-L.A. Rock & Jazzy Jay


An early member of Afrika Bambaataa’s Universal Zulu Nation, Jazzy Jay was a protege of Bambaataa as well as his older cousin, Kool DJ Red Alert. Around 1984, Jay met Rick Rubin and assisted him in laying the foundation for what would become Def Jam Recordings.

“Why can’t my name be Kool DJ Red Alert?”

” OHHH yeAHH!”

Making Cash Money-Busy Bee

As we promised, here is the famous Mc Battle of 1985 – Roxanne Shante vs Busy Bee

She even cracks up the guy counting it off!!!

Feel The Heartbeat-Treacherous Three


The Treacherous Three were in fact a foursome. Easy Lee, Kool Moe Dee, Special K and L.A Sunshine.

The Treacherous Three are remembered as the originators of fast rapping,

Rockin’ It-Fearless Four


That’s The Joint-Funky Four Plus One

MCA of the Beastie Boys favorite MC is Sha Rock the “Plus One”


Apache-Sugarhill Gang


Little known behind the scenes info…Will, Baby Shay and I broke into a robot battle in the studio while this was on (I won btw!) 

Masters of the Scratch-Master O.C and Krazy Eddie


Funk You Up-The Sequence


On his hit off of the Friday Soundtrack Dr Dre borrowed a bit of this classic from the first female group to release a hip hop record and the second record released on Sylvia Robinson’s Sugar Hill Records .  Neo Soul fans might know Angie B as Angie Stone who sings the hits “No More Rain” and “Brotha“.

The Roxanne Story

In 1984 UTFO (Kangol Kid, Educated Rapper, Doctor Ice, and Mixmaster Ice, no relation) put out a 12 inch produced by their mentors Full Force, called Hanging Out.  (you know Full Force, they were the antagonists in the HUGE hit House Party starring Kid N Play.  If you haven’t seen that movie we may need to have a film class as well!) Well, in another case of the B Side wins again, Roxanne, Roxanne was on the flip side and that song was the undisputed hit of that 12″.  It’s a tale of the 3 mc’s attempting to woo “The Talk Of The Town” Roxanne.  Not a diss record and in fact, the fictional Roxanne listens to all of their raps and subsequently shoots them down.  This song made UTFO bigger stars than even their mentors Full Force who had a couple of big hits themselves with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with “I Wonder If I Take You Home” and “All Cried Out”.  (I had  sizable crush on Lisa Lisa and if you ever see the I Wonder video you’ll see why! THAT’s another story for another time…) 

Soon afterwards, 14-year-old Lolita Shanté Gooden was doing laundry at her home in the World Famous Queensbridge Projects (home of Nas, Mobb Deep, MC Shan, Cormega, Craig G, Ron Artest, Tragedy, Nature, Capone N Noreaga, Big Noyd, and reformed NBA Bad Boy Ron Artest) and according to Shante’ was approached by Marley Marl and asked by him could she do a song dissing UTFO over Billy Squier’s Big Beat.  The reason for the animosity was UTFO had neglected to show up for a show they had agreed to do that Marley Marl and Mr. Magic (R.I.P.) had promoted.  Shante agreed and after finishing the laundry (“My mom was fanatical about the laundry!” according to Shante) she recorded Roxanne’s Revenge, one of the biggest “answer” records in hip hop history.   It was very confrontational and laced with profanities, but was an instant hit that sold over 250,000 copies in the New York area alone. Legal action followed, and it was re-released in early 1985 with new beats and the 0bscenities removed.

Following this, U.T.F.O and Full Force decided to release their own answer record. While not directly aimed at Roxanne Shanté, this record featured Adelaida Martinez, who took on the moniker of  The Real Roxanne . This also was a hit, but it may have also produced an undesired result: while there had been answer records before (such as the semi-disco song “Somebody Else’s Guy” and “Games People Play”/”Games Females Play”), they usually ended with the second recording. But in this saga, with a third record in airplay, a whole new trend began. The airwaves were so occupied with the three “Roxanne” records that other MCs decided to get into the act. Over the next year, anywhere from 30 to over 100 answer records (according to different claims) were produced, portraying Roxanne’s family, or making various claims about her. The ones that were more well known were the following:

  • “Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne, You’re Through)” by Sparky D, a feisty female who criticizes Roxanne (Shanté, in particular) for being disrespectful toward UTFO, and for being too young, both for them to pursue, and to be an MC. Even though the record defended UTFO, they were reportedly not appreciative of this additional unauthorized response. It was after this that the saga really took off.
  • “Roxanne’s Doctor-The Real Man” by Dr. Freshh, who also insulted Roxanne for having no class.
  • “Do the Roxanne” by Dr. Rocx & Co., which created a dance based on Roxanne. (Referred to Shanté’s cracky wacky voice, as Sparky D had described it in her record). A rare instance of a record in the series not aimed at dissing someone.
  • “The Parents of Roxanne” by Gigolo Tony & Lacey Lace, which answered both UTFO and Sparky D. It drew references from both “Roxanne’s Revenge” and “The Real Roxanne” as if both represented the true Roxanne.
  • “Yo, My Little Sister (Roxanne’s Brothers)” by Crush Groove (no relation to Krush Groove), which answered UTFO, Sparky D, and Dr. Freshh.
  • “Rappin’ Roxy: Roxanne’s Sister” by D.W. and the Party Crew featuring Roxy.
  • Another record answered Roxanne Shanté by a young female calling herself “Little Ice”, who told Roxanne to “make up her mind” if she wanted a man or not.
  • “Roxanne’s a Man (The Untold Story—Final Chapter)” by Ralph Rolle, which claimed that Roxanne was actually a man who had been sodomized in prison, and then having “lost his manhood”, turned himself into a woman after his release; and insulted UTFO for not realizing this.

I had a mega mix on tape that I got from my good friend at the time Shawn Hall, that incoprated some of the more popular Roxanne songs that “I let rock till my tape popped”  and I never heard that mix again.  Of all the songs we played on this night, this block was special to me, because like most of the urban youth of America, I was totally caught up in the Roxanne Saga.  There will never ever be another phenomenon like the Roxanne Saga.  I’m glad I was alive to experience it and share this very special hip hop moment with the class.    

Roxanne, Roxanne-U.T.F.O

Roxanne’s Revenge-Roxanne Shante

The Real Roxanne-The Real Roxanne (With UTFO)



Here’s Shante and Kangol telling the story…


Sucker M.C.’s-Run DMC


Freaks Come Out at Night-Whodini

If you look carefully poppin and lockin in this Whodini Classic is none other than Jermaine Dupri, but I’m sure you already knew that…

We want to thank all of our dedicated listeners for helping us make this show explode, we already have 1,000 hits (holy sh*t!) and we are just going to keep on risin’…

Thanks to all who tuned in this week especially, you kept with us until the wee hours of the morning and frankly you give us the energy to keep going when we don’t know if we can handle any more tight a$$ beats.

Until next time, keep it real, but look out for: “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong!”


~ by Professor Mike on February 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “2/5/10 – Hip Hop 101 : ’79-’84”

  1. just for the record i wasn’t kicked out of a party, I was DRAGGED out of the party. and it took all of them to do it.
    -will e .rock

  2. This show brought so many memories for me! Without giving away my age, I used to walk my ass off to “Jam On It” at the skating rink in Southwest (folks from the Rock know what I am talking about). I say that I walked because back then that’s what we did at the skating rink. Good times.

  3. I want to contest the robot battle!

  4. great drop prof, thanks for the enlightenment of the roxanne thing as well as the other songs, i still cant come to terms on how a 14 yr old was able to take on 3 adult mcs successfully lol, also, i didnt know roxanne also took on busy bee, it was a great battle which i believe roxanne shouldve won since she came with bette punchlines..oh and the monthly thing is an awesome idea

  5. […] the class,   Laura David!!!  Despite the fact she’s turning 20 today, she came in on our first Hip Hop 101 show, and has been with us ever since.  She knows her hip hop and it is a pleasure to have her.  […]

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