I Need Love by LL Cool J

First off Thank you for the love on the Children’s Story Blog!  I regret we have to postpone the first Hip Hop 101 installment due to inclement weather, however Will and I have been working on a podcast for 3 hours  that’s the sequel to last weeks show.  It’s gonna be smooth hip hop classics and of course, We’ll throw in a little Teddy Pendergrass.  I do apologize for the postponement but we didn’t want to leave you with nothing.

In other news, Will and I have decided to let you program your Valentine’s Day Show.  This show is airing on the 12th of February and not only are we taking your love requests but we are taking dedications as well.  If you want to show someone some Hip Hop Love we will make sure your request is heard.  This is a huge show and we are expecting a lot of class paricipation for this.  I implore you don’t let your Professors down.  This assignment is due by Feb 7th midnight.  Get on it now!

Lastly, Will is ALSO working on yet another interactive surprise for the class that will be attached to the blog and that may pop off as soon as this weekend.  (Damn we work hard for you all!) We put out love to the class every week doing the equivalent to two new fresh mix tapes a week! What other DJ does that???  With that being said, We are excited about this Valentines idea and you can get the request to Will and I however you like!  (If you want to send Will or Me or The T.A. flowers the address is KABF/Attn:Professor Mike Jordan/2101 s. Main/Little Rock, AR 72206 not required, just sayin…)  The best way to show love to the class, hip hop, your loved one(s), or yourself is to get a request in.  Thank you all for keeping Hip Hop alive!  If there was ever a time to exercise the class motto “Each One, Teach One” is now.  Make a request on this blog or in the request section but make sure you specify it being for the Valentine’s Show and if it’s a dedication (hopefully) let us know that so we can be sure to mention it on the air.  Big month planned in February and it all starts with you.  Let’s Go Class!

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on January 29, 2010.

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