Here Come The Lords by Lords Of The Underground


     What better place to start than there?  Today is one of my favorite Golden Era Mc’s Birthday!  My man Doitall from Lords of The Underground.  They were an amazing trio that came out in the early 90’s, 1993 to be exact, with one of the greatest and most overlooked albums in hip hop history.  The title alone was a bold declaration.  Here Come The Lords was an amazing album that charted 6 Billboard singles!  These days you’re lucky to have 2!  If now was then The Lords would have been 3 times platinum but enough about that for now.  Let’s take it back to where it started.

     At Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose famous alumni includes former Heavyweight Champion James “Bonecrusher” Smith, the 3 members of LOTUG met.  This group consisted of Doitall, Mr. Funke, and their DJ Lord Jazz.   They hooked up and got with legendary  producer Marley Marl and they were assigned to his protege, K-Def.  It was on from there.  They went home to Newark, New Jersey and wrote in Doitall’s room with the radiator blasting! (It’s a northern thing, If you never lived in an aprtment up north, you wouldn’t understand lol) On the other side of the door Doitall and his crew could  hear his mom, Brenda blasting Marvin Gaye in the other room. 

     Their lyrics combined with K-Def’s production created the classic Here Comes The Lords album.  Some people thought they sounded like Das Efx but I knew better and they quickly became one of my favorite groups.   Even though their album churned out hit after hit they seemed to be always grounded and rooted in hip hop culture.  They went on to record 3 more albums (Keepers of The Funk-1994, Resurrection-1999, House of Lords-2007)   from there but none matched the success of the first one.  I would not say it was an erosion of their skills which is often the case.  Times change, people’s tastes change. 

    Where is Doitall now?  Funny you should ask that. Nas posed the same question on his Where Are They Now (90’s remix) off the Hip Hop Is Dead album.  Doitall answered that question while dropping 8 bars of heat while sharing the spotlight with Positive K and Chip Fu among others on the track.  Great song if you haven’t heard it just wait.  I’ll play it on the show soon enough.  Him and his Lords bretheren toured in Europe throughout 2009 with such luminaries as Naughty By Nature, The Beatnuts, and The Liks.  Doitall also just released a mixtape entitled The Hunger In My Voice with a Dirty Jerz anthem featuring Wise Intelligent of P.R.T. and Treach of Naughty By Nature. Also LOTUG was featured on Pete Rock’s NY”S Finest Album.  Besides that Doitall has been getting his acting on as well.  He is one of the people we all thought meant to do Tony Soprano harm in the final episode of the Sopranos as well as roles on Law & Order as well as Oz.

     On a personal note they are one of my favorite groups and they mos def remind me of when Professor Lonnell Johnson  and I used to be riding in his Lexus  Rocky, (He will kill me for saying this but he was fond of saying when he washed his Rocky, “This Bitch Looks Like a Lexus!”)  and we used to listen to LOTUG before we would hit Georgetown.  Good times, I assure you.  Another thing about them that hits me on a personal level is that Biggie sampled their biggest hit “Cheif Rocka” for his classic Machine Gun Funk.  Lastly, and my favorite thing about Doitall is that he said in an interview that there is no adult contemporary hip hop.  Hip hop for mature audiences where they aren’t screaming something annoying like “GUCCI!” or “WE THE BEST” all over the track. His quotes in that interview, is one of the inspirations for my radio show.  His mom digging the Lords but she used to dig the Spinners was my mom too.  I grew up in a household similar to Doitall’s and that’s why we have the Need To Learn Segments on the show.  Today’s Blog is going out to my mom, Professor Johnson and his Lexus, but most of all Happy Birthday to a living legend, Doitall of Lords of The Underground!  Thanks for keeping hip hop alive

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on January 14, 2010.

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