Burn Hollywood Burn by Public Enemy

     I’m sitting here watching Notorious B.I.G. Bigger Than Life and I am reminded by some of the better Hip Hop documentaries I’ve seen.  In today’s blog I list some of my favorites.

1. Beef/Beef II-Those go together in my opinion.  The third installment of this series did not live up to the quality of the first two so we’ll focus on those.  Beef is by my man Qd3 (Quincy Jones kid).  I t talks about the most famous beefs ever.  KRS vs Nelly, LL vs Cannibus but the crowning glory of both is the telling of the EPMD break up on Beef II.  At a time when there was no internet it was some people’s first opportunity to hear what happened there.  It’s worth it for that alone.

2. Scratch- An amazing documentary that gives the man behind the wheels some credit. It talks about and interviews the first dj to scratch, They talk to all the legends, Grandmixer DST, Steve D, Cash Money, The X Men (not to mention the late great Grandmaster Roc Raida) and Grandmaster Flash to name a few. It tells the story of how scratching was invented, beat juggling, and the term turntablist. You need to see this documentary if you are a real hip hop fan.

3.Rock The Bells- This is the story of how Chang Weisberg came up with an idea to get the whole Wu Tang together on one stage after it having been years since they had done so.  While this is about Wu Tang it’s also about Chang Weisberg, What it takes to put on a massive hip hop fest, and Hip Hop in general.  Redman, Sage Francis, Charli 2na (GO ILL!) Eyedea and Abilities and Supernatural are all featured and I must say Supernatural is in many ways the star.  He Rhymes with his son, performs an ever-changing song called anything where the crowd hands him stuff and h incorporates it into his rhyme and he saves Charli 2na ala Batman.  Very Funny moment you have to see to appreciate.  There is even an element of suspense as we try to see if A.) Can Chang get Everybody there, and Will ODB make it?  I loved it and not only is it one of my favorite hip hop docs one of my favorite movies oeriod.

4. Welcome To Death Row- You may think you know the story of how Death Row started and how things went bad but when I saw this I even saw stuff I didn’t know!  It starts with N.W.A. because you can’t tell the Death Row story without the N.W.A. story.  Told by the people who were there from their start at Solar records which was once the record label of Shalamar and Babyface.   Highlights of this one include a gentleman by the name of Pretty Ricky whose birth name is Rick James (No not that Rick James Bitch!) who does a hilarious Scooby Doo impression! 

5. Biography:Run Dmc- Not available on dvd as far as I know.  I have it on dvd.  Again, this one is special because it told me things I didn’t know, like for instance, how Run and D are no longer on speaking terms.  I was thrown when I saw this one.  Check your local listings for a rebroadcast.  This one is very entertaining and informational as well. If you can catch it it’s an hour well spent.

Of course, there are many more good ones available, but these are the ones that immediately came to mind as my favorites.  Also those of you reading this you may note that on the right hand side of this blog under the podcast instructs is the OFFICIAL OLD SCHOOL, NEW SCHOOL, NEED TO LEARN SHOW REQUEST LINE! (Yes, I am excited about that.  Thank Will E. Rock for hooking that up for us as well!)  Your request getting played will get you a shout out and an A grade for class participation.  There may be something available at the end of the year for the person with the most class participation.  Just so ya know.  Anyway, no cable has me watching my massive dvd collection and no one is keeping me updated on my reality shows, like I’m the only person that watches but it’s cool.  Ya’ll don’t love me like I love ya’ll.  I understand lol. No I’m kidding.  Have a “Jay Z is gonna feature me on his album!” kinda day.  I’m looking forward to Friday already!

Ya Man

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on January 13, 2010.

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