Every once in a while I just ramble on aimlessly about nothing in particular. This is one of those times. 

I really really miss The Wire. 

I miss my cable more than you could imagine!  No reality tv for me at all.  It is tearing away at the very fiber of my being.  I feel so lost without the full on skankery that occurs on VH1.  If ANY of you watch Ray J, or Frank please keep me filled in.  Don’t take your cable for granted as I have.  Enjoy every bit of debauchery available to you and be thankful you live in a country where that level of depravity is nurtured.  God Bless America!

No Cable No Playoffs!  That really sucks!  I am open to playoff parties if of course, you host, refreshments are negotiable.  My bubbly sunshiney disposition however is not.  I’m mos def bringing that!  I have also been known to come bearing the gift of music when I come through.  Just so ya know. 

What is Avatar about?

Is anyone as excited about the Arrested Development movie as I am?

Oh yes since I’m here almost ALL of the time, This is the NEW Official request line for the show. 

Miss you all. Love You all.  I hope you all are having a real “My album went platinum in one week” kind of day!

Ya Man,

The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on January 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Freestyle”

  1. I love you too! Not quite at the “My album went platinum in one week” stage yet. Today was the first day of classes… UALR… I’m a Senior and I realized today that I’m a bit overwhelmed… BUT THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

    No official requests from me yet… Just keep doing what you’re doing… and you have always have a faithful listener in me!

  2. Kill your TV!!

  3. @nappyluv Thank you for the love and there is now an official requests section under the blog instructs. As far as you being overwhelmed you have the support of the whole entire class! When you need to unload we are here!

  4. @Shannon I can’t! I need an intervention. Wait that’s a tv show too! (as I break down sobbing uncontrollably) everything reminds me of my lost love….lol cable I’m sorry. Please come back to me. I will give you more money. Please come back!

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