Motivation by Chill Rob G

First and foremost I must thank my main man Will E. Rock for hooking up this blog and the podcast! Without him we would just be sitting here playing music and running our mouths but now, our words and sounds will live on after we are gone and isn’t that what it’s all about? Speaking of that, I watched Lil Wayne’s Documentary “The Carter” and I was impressed. Dude’s work ethic is insane. I watched him unpack a bag that was pretty much his travelling “studio” so he can record whenever he wants. You may not like his music but he works hard! As I watched him he motivated me as many things do. Showing love to hip hop culture, hearing people show love to the show, hearing an amazing song, but seeing Lil Wayne made me want to step my game up. You all don’t know this but even though I’m not on the air every night I think about how to provide the best show for you all constantly. It’s hard to think about it more than I do now but it’s going to get bigger and better as evidenced by what you are reading right now.
That all being said I am beyond excited about tonight’s show. The stream is back up, I’m introducing Will E. Rock, and he is introducing all of our new exciting things to you for you. This will be the best year ever for the Old School, New School, Need To Learn Though Show. We are doing the Hip Hop 101 shows the last Friday of each month and I am on a personal crusade to make 2010 the year of the female MC. I’m so glad you all are taking this trip with me.
Those of you that have been with me since my myspace days know that I title my blogs after songs and that is something I will continue to do here. Look the song up and listen to it.
You all are the reason I do this show and if you have been with me you know how The Professor gets down. That’s not going to change. Our new additions just enable you all to get down with us a little bit better. You all are going to make this the best year ever for us. For that I appreciate you all the most. If you like what we’re doing here tell a friend. Each One Teach One.

Ya Man,
The Professor


~ by Professor Mike on January 9, 2010.

One Response to “Motivation by Chill Rob G”

  1. Luv the blog! Keep up the great work!

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